Public Notices

Public Notices

Sustainability Awards-Shellmith

Corporate governance is concerned with the practice of directing, organizing, and controlling the company based on good corporate governance principles such as transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness. Corporate governance enhances the firms’ performance by creating and maintaining a business environment that motivates managers and entrepreneurs to maximize operational efficiency, returns on investment and long–term […]

Presindential Speech – Samuel

Statement by H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander of the Defence Forces During1 The Opening of the 4th National Leaders’ Conference on Population and Development Investing in Human Capital for the Achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030 26 th May, 20212  

Website Administrator Training-James

The concept of linking population matters to economic development is not new in Kenya, first it was highlighted in Sessional Paper No. 10 of 1965 on African Socialism and its application to economic planning in Kenya. The Paper noted a link between the country’s population growth rate and its potential for socio-economic development. Consequently, the […]

Early Teenage Pregnancy – Adala

In Kenya, high risk early pregnancy has long been a social challenge. Demographic data shows that a big percentage of girls aged 15-19 had already given birth. The Country through, NCPD has come up with policies to help manage this social problem among our communities  

website training workshop-mercy

Ginger—Fresh ginger is considered a superfood for heart health, better circulation, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Eating ginger reduces blood pressure in several different ways. For one, it acts as a natural calcium channel blocker, just like some blood pressure medications, and it also acts as an ACE inhibitor, similar to other types of blood pressure medication. A study […]

NCPD Website Public-Canjetan

Planning and Resource Mobilization Coordinates development, implementation and review of the Council’s Strategic Plan aligned to Vision 2030 and the respective Medium Term Plans. Guides the development, implementation and reporting of the Council’s Annual Work Plan and Performance Contract. Guides the development of the Council’s budget and preparation of budget reports. Guides the implementation of […]

website admin training-Wambua

n and working, other changes will be accommodated in the process of upgrading and reviews. During the retreat, the team resolved the following changes to be implemented; For the home page; Inclusion of different languages on the top left hand side for ease of communication Inclusion of Accessibility tools, on the top right hand side, […]

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