website training workshop-mercy

website training workshop-mercy

GingerFresh ginger is considered a superfood for heart health, better circulation, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Eating ginger reduces blood pressure in several different ways. For one, it acts as a natural calcium channel blocker, just like some blood pressure medications, and it also acts as an ACE inhibitor, similar to other types of blood pressure medication.

A study of more than 4,000 people found that the people who consumed 2-4 grams of ginger per day had the lowest risk for high blood pressure. And the thing that’s great about ginger is that it’s delicious, zingy and adds tons of flavor to dishes, smoothies and drinks.

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your soaring blood pressure levels. Avocados are packed with oleic acid, also in olive oil. Oleic acid is known to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Avocados are also rich in potassium, magnesium and folate, all of which are good the blood vessels and cardiovascular system. Avocados are also chock full of antioxidants and lower inflammation in the body, including the blood vessels. Avocados are also loaded in vitamin A, K, B & E and fiber as well. Add avocados to your smoothies, salads and dressings.

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