PS Speech on the National Leaders Conference

PS Speech on the National Leaders Conference

by Samuel


The Population Sub-sector focuses on the implementation of the Population Policy for National Development which is currently being revised to address the county governance structures, new and emerging issues and align it to national, regional and international obligations. The goal of this policy is to attain a society in which all the people are secure, healthy, broadly educated and empowered for improved quality of life for current and future generations.


Current key population challenges include;

  1. Rapid Population Growth as compared to job creation leading to high youth unemployment rate.
  2. High dependency ratio which increases the dependency ratio to the working population, hence affects savings and investment.
  • Congestion in major cities leading to a strain on basic resources like water, healthcare, education and infrastructure.
  1. Unsustainable utilization of available resources leading to environmental degradation, pollution, and increasing climate change vulnerabilities among others.

These factors hamper development progress in the country. To achieve the Population goal and in turn the Vision 2030 and other national, regional and international policies and obligations among others; sustainable financing towards population programme is critical. Therefore the following interventions should be employed;

  1. Government investing domestic resources towards population programme and ring fencing the resources allocated.
  2. Establish and strengthen partnerships with Private sector and Development partners and exploring innovative financing options
  • Investment in research and Innovation for provision of data for evidence-based decision making in the population programme.
  1. Profiling agenda for Population by making population issues a central discussion in matters of development and planning.




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