NCPD Website Training Administration

NCPD Website Training Administration


  1. Coordinates development, implementation and review of the Council’s Strategic Plan aligned to Vision 2030 and the respective Medium Term Plans.
  2. Guides the development, implementation and reporting of the Council’s Annual Work Plan and Performance Contract.
  3. Guides the development of the Council’s budget and preparation of budget reports.
  4. Guides the implementation of Quality Management Systems, Information Security Management System and other standards in the Council.
  5. Coordinates development, implementation and review of resource mobilization framework and partnerships policies.

Finance and Accounts

  1. Analyzes and reports on financial performance.
  2. Tracks the Council’s budget and manages financial reporting of the Council which includes quarterly reports and donor/partners financial reports.
  • Manages and oversees compliance with statutory requirements.
  1. Manages relationships with external auditors.
  2. Manages and overseeing the council’s banking arrangements


Public Relations


  1. Coordinates corporate communication activities during Council’s events and conferences.
  2. Drives promotion of the NCPD brand to enhance visibility and image.
  • Spearheads and maintains appropriate relations and protocols with both internal and external publics.
  1. Coordinates perception surveys, media research & analysis, PR research, gather communication intelligence and carry out audience analysis.
  2. Coordinates generation of content to the website and other social media platforms.


Supply Chain Management Unit


  1. Coordinates Council’s procurement and asset disposal activities in line with Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act and the Regulations requirements.
  2. Coordinates the preparation and implementation of Council’s procurement and asset disposal plans.
  3. Guides market surveys to inform the placing of orders or adjudication by the relevant awarding authority.
  4. Oversees the preparation of abstracts of offers, requisitions of scope of work and specifications of goods and services.
  5. Manages contracts issued for suppliers’ adherence to contract terms and regulations.


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